• Bump version to 1.6.5
  • rm freesurfer dep
  • rm old remnants
  • update readme img
  • switch cerebellum labels for wm gm, fix #80
  • fix aseg labels to original, fix #78
  • add vis as categorical. fix #76
  • change aseg data class , fix #56
  • bump version, small cran fixes
  • add sysreq
  • fix axial to coronal in vignette
  • change axial to coronal in aseg data
  • re-add ggplot2 depends


  • Added options hemi and side to geom
  • improved position_brain() to accept character vector, and also support subcortical atlases
  • Altered axial to coronal in aseg atlas

  • fixed broken geom after changes to ggplot2 internals
  • fixed spelling mistakes in docs

ggseg 1.6.3

  • removed function to display ggseg palettes
  • preparations for CRAN submission
    • added examples to more functions
    • updated links

ggseg 1.6.02

  • bug fixes in atlas objects and method internals
  • tests in vdiffr
  • vctrs class for polygon ggseg data

ggseg 1.6.02

  • No longer depends on ggplot2, but imports it.
    • as is advised practice
    • users must explicitly load ggplot2 to access further ggplot2 functions

ggseg 1.6.01

  • fixed installation issues by making sure package depends on R>3.3 for polygon holes.

ggseg 1.6.00

New large update, many new features. Of particular note is the introduction of the brain sf geom, which improved speed, and adaptability of the plots.

  • ggseg() will stay for a while, but is superseded by a simple features geom
  • geom_brain introduced as a new function to plot the atlas data
    • an sf geom provides a lot of new features to the package
    • more control over display of the slices through position_brain()
    • improved capabilities for atlases with regions that have holes
  • new atlas class brain_atlas which contains simple features data
  • new functions to allow compatibility between sf and polygon data
  • utility functions to use on the atlas data for easy access to information
    • plot() functions for ggseg_atlas and brain_atlas classes for a quick look at atlases
    • brain_regions functions to easily extract the unique names of regions for an atlas
    • improved print method for atlases classes ggseg_atlas and brain_atlas

ggseg 1.5.5

  • dk atlas regions renamed to better reflect correct naming
    • pre central and post central are precentral and postcentral
  • dk atlas now also includes the corpus callosum, as the original atlas contains
  • dkt renamed to dk
    • the dkt (Desikan-Killiany-Tourville) atlas is not yet available
  • atlas columns area renamed to region
    • to avoid confusion with the calculation of cortical/surface area
  • dk atlas region name “medial orbito frontal” changed to “medial orbitofrontal”

ggseg 1.5.3

  • Split ggseg, and ggseg3d into two different packages

ggseg 1.5.2

  • Adapted to work with dplyr 0.8.1

ggseg 1.5.1

  • Changed ggseg_atlas-class to have nested columns for easier viewing and wrangling

ggseg 1.5

  • Changed atlas.info to function atlas_info()

  • Changed brain.pal to function brain_pal()

  • Changed atlas.info to function atlas_info()

  • Reduced code necessary for brain_pals_info

  • Simplified display_brain_pal()

  • Moved paletted of ggsegExtra atlases to ggsegExtra package

  • Added a NEWS.md file to track changes to the package. # * Changes all data options to .data to decrease possibility of column naming overlap

  • Added compatibility with grouped data.frames

  • Reduced internal atlases, to improve CRAN compatibility

  • Added function to install extra atlases from github easily

  • Changes vignettes to comply with new functionality